Monday, November 21, 2011

production notes

If i had the chance to do the project again I would change a lot of things. First thing I would do is have some real pictures of the person I interviewed, this way it will look better and people will know who I was talking with. Add more video instead of images and more places around hunter to give it a little boost, also some footage of people skiing would definitely make the project better because it shows some real skiing action. I know i can do better than the voice project but unfortunately I felt limited to what I could do. For example I wanted to make a 10 sec or 20 sec introduction. Create a nice tittle composition in After Effects with a lot of cool sound FX's. Probably a lot of people did not hear the Ambience sound effects I added to my piece because I decreased the volume of it and I might have decreased it too much so next time I ll make sure to do it right. This project to be honest did not give me any different sense of filmmaking process because I pretty much know what has to be done in all three stages of production. But I can say that I did learn one new thing and that is how to use the Zoom recorder properly. A lot of people say that a good film also needs to have a good sound it makes it more interesting to have a clear sound than to have a sound where you can hear all the ambience sounds that overlaps with the person talking.

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