Monday, September 26, 2011

One Hour Listening Project.

Media 160
One Hour Listening Project
Rodolfo Maxil.

On Saturday September 24th I decided to go to a place where I’d be able to hear a lot of different sounds in an hour. The place I chose was a playground four blocks away from my house. I sat on a bench and began to pay attention to the ambiance sounds that nature provides us. The flapping wings of the pigeons when they fly away, the singing of a bird standing on the branch above my head. The cracking of the dried leaves when kids step on them as they run. Its only been less than five minutes and am hearing a lot of different sounds. There are a lot of kids Screaming, laughing, and a crying baby two benches to my right. The mother sings a song for the baby to stop crying but it looks like the baby doesn’t like the song his mother sings. To my left side there are six boys playing with a ball that makes funny sounds every time it bounces off the ground and every time the boys punch it or kick it. In front of me a few meters way from where am sitting the swings make that annoying squeaking sound as the kids swing back and forth. Behind me there is a woman yelling at somebody with her cell phone. I feel sorry for the person that is on the other line it was unpleasant to hear this woman using the “F” word many times as well as the “N” word. Not to mention the countless times she used the “B” word. Apparently she was having an argument with her boyfriend or husband but that is none of my business. Since we are near the road there are a lot of cars and truck sounds a lot of hunks and ringing from the bells from the bicycles that passed by. I’ve been sitting here for one hour now and the last thing I hear is my phone ringing. It’s my friend asking me what was taking me so long to get the pickup pizza we ordered…….