Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sound-Image and Image-image Relationships

Rodolfo Maxil.

Sound-Image and Image-image Relationships

All right. After going trough a lot of movies and shows i finally came out with one the best image relation I've seen. In the movie "The Fifth Element" There is a particular scene that i really like a lot. The reason why i chose it was because it contains a lot of images and sound that connect each other. Its like a chain of different things happening. It all starts off with the beginning of a plane lift off. The captain ask one of the fly attendant to check if everything is ready and she replies that yes everything is ready but when she finishes her sentence "ruby" come out and and she tells him that he needs to have an individual position he then replies and says he doesn't want one position he wants ALL THE POSITIONS. Then the red light begins to turn on and off like some kind of alarm and the sound is a funny one too. After the captain tells the workers that there are some parasites on the wheels a black man keeps on saying "Bring on the heat man, GIVE ME SOME HEAT" Right after that there is a cut where we can see some kind of green reactor that says "WARNING" as he puts the reactor inside the plane he says "TAKE THAT" and there is another cut and goes back to Ruby and the fly attendant having sexual contact. She then says his name he come up and then continues "Doing whatever he is doing"... Right after that there is another cut and this time starts off with a phone call. The guy that is working for Mr zorg tells his boss that he didn't get on the plane and his boss replies "Are you making fun of me?" Here is another cut when Ruby says "No no no i swear i swear" like answering for zorg's employee. Right after that it cuts back again to zorg's employee. He tells his boss that there is no way of getting inside the plane he tried everything and cuts again to another scene where the priest finds a way inside the plane its like the editor is saying yes there is another way of getting inside the plane by showing the clip of the priest getting on the plane. After a few more cuts the captain assistant says "Ready for lift off" there is a sound that makes the scene funny its like a lift off sound ex while ruby undresses the fly attendant. a few seconds later there is a door that is going up to cover the plane engine and as the doors go up the fly attendant's legs also go up. another funny moment is when the captain says "Protection...confirm...Power increase... 10 seconds" Editor cuts back to Mr zorg while he says that he is a little disappointed then cuts again to the captain assistant's and he says "five" in here we can clearly see that there is a countdown. Mr zorg then tells his employee that there is one thing he doesn't like is to be disappointed but the captain keeps on counting down and when he reaches 0 zorg blows up his employee. The woman screams of pleasure, engine fires up and the plane begins to run. after all that the fly attendant's leg begin to drop slowly and the plane begins to fly at the speed of light ending this sequence. In this clip there is a lot of relationship between the images sound, connecting dialog and humor. This is what makes this clip so good i just cant get tired of seeing this funny part of the movie.

==================Beginning to 2:50.==================

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